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Our specialties

Oysters (16,50 € to 29,70 €)

- Creuses de Bretagne "Pascal Magné" - n°3 size
- Fines de Claire Marennes Oléron  - n°3 and n°2 size
- Spéciales de Normandie Utah Beach - n°3 size
- Spéciales Perles de l'Impératrice "Joël Dupuch"- n°3 size
- Spéciales Gillardeau - n°5 "Papillon" size
- Belons or flat - n°2 size

Shellfish and Seafood (4,50 € to 39,50 €)

- Clams
- Spanish mussels
- Shrimps
- Fresh cooked langoustines
- Whelks
- Prawns
- Small clams
- Fresh crab
- Whole lobster served cold

Our Seafood Platters (36 € to 79 €)

All our platters can be prepared for one or more people according to your desire

Oyster selection
2 flat n°2, 2 n°3 size Claires, 2 n°2 size Claires, 2 n°3 size Creuses oysters, 2 n°5 size Spéciales, 2 n°3 size Spéciales

Tasting platter

3 n°5 size Spéciales, 3 n°3 size Claires and 3 n°3 size Creuses oysters, 3 Spanish mussels, 3 prawns, whelks and shrimps

1/2 canadian lobster, 1/2 crab, 3 langoustines, 4 prawns, shrimps

Congrès platter
7 n°3 size Creuses, 2 n°2 size Claires, 2 n°5 size speciales oysters, small clams, 3 spanish mussels, 1 clam, 1 crab, 3 prawns, langoustines, whelks, and shrimps

Prestige platter
3 n°3 size Claires, 3 n°3 size Spéciales and 3 n°3 size Creuses oysters, whelks, 5 prawns, 3 langoustines and 1 Canadian lobster.

Starters (7,50 € to 21,30 €)

Lamb’s lettuce, beetroot, walnut and eggs mimosa salad
Green Puy lentils, haddock and vegetable vinaigrette
Poached organic eggs in red wine sauce
Fish soup served with rouille sauce and garlic croutons
Sea bream ceviche, avocado and vegetable pickles
French duck foie gras, dried fruit chutney, toasted country bread
A glass of Bastor Lamontagne 2002 Sauternes (120ml)
Beech-smoked Scottish salmon, served with toas
Large Burgundy snails served in their shells
“La Guildive” vintage sardines served with lemon, butter and toasted bread

Fish (24,50 € to 45 €)

Steamed wild cod, leeks and celery in bouillon
Pan-fried scallops with vegetable risotto
Fine sole, meunière or griddled
Whole Canadian lobster au gratin with tarragon
Vegetable stock and artichoke risotto

Meat (18 € to 36 €)

Traditional gourmet hamburger
Beef tartare or pan-fried - Lean meat minced to order and prepared to your liking
The Congrès Sauerkraut Montbéliard, Morteau and Frankfurter sausages, smoked pork belly, pork loin
Whole or finely sliced calf’s kidney with Dijonnaise sauce
Duck breast and bitter orange sauce with white grapes
Generous Normandy beef rib steak, béarnaise sauce
Superb roast veal chop, our finely mashed potatoes
Pan-fried beef fillet with mignonnette peppercorn sauce or grilled with béarnaise

Selection of matured cheese (12 €)

Desserts (7,50 € to 11,50 €)

Fromage frais and chestnut cream
Floating island with pralines and our light custard sauce
Your choice of flavours from our selection of ice creams and sorbets (traditionally made)
Grand Cru chocolate mousse
Crème brûlée with brown sugar and Bourbon vanilla
Meringue, pistachio ice cream and hot chocolate sauce
Moist gourmet baba soaked in Saint-James amber rum
Profiteroles prepared to order : 3 choux puffs with vanilla ice cream and a pot of hot chocolate

Specialties Meat and Seafood
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